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Vax populi

How Pfizer is expanding its vaccine pipeline

By Jennifer Rhodes, Staff Writer

With a new focus on maternal vaccines, Pfizer Inc. continues to expand its vaccine portfolio beyond preventing disease in children and adolescents, to include therapeutic and prophylactic products that span indications from RSV and meningitis to asthma, dyslipidemia and cancer.

"We're equally excited not just in preventing disease but also the broader aspect of treating disease," said President of Worldwide R&D Mikael Dolsten at a July 21 briefing on Pfizer's vaccines strategy and R&D priorities. "We think it's just the start of a new era where we will encounter vaccines early in life through the vaccination of the mother, then traditional vaccinations in children and adolescents, through to older adults where the attenuation of the immune system makes them susceptible to disease."

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