The Best Decisions Start With the Right Data

BCIQ is designed and curated by BioCentury’s industry experts and data team to support the biopharma industry’s financing, investing and dealmaking activities.


Unlock the potential of biopharma innovation with BCIQ, BioCentury's comprehensive Drug Discovery & Development Database. Designed for forward-thinking biopharma professionals and insightful investors, BCIQ offers a wealth of data-driven insights to propel your projects. Discover the difference BCIQ can make for your organization—simply complete the form to access our informative brochure.

BCIQ Addresses Your Core Business Needs

Identify Potential Partners

Find companies filtering by targets, disease areas, funding, investors and more

Dive into financing histories, deal flow and pipelines

Build, save and manage cohorts of companies for different projects

Gain proprietary insight and context using BioCentury’s integrated analysis

Uncover Developing Competitive Threats

Track preclinical targets and compounds in the industry pipeline

Track competitor dealmaking

Track fundraising by competitors

Set automated alerts for competitive developments

Prepare for Business Meetings

Use company profile dashboards to compile key metrics and facts

Prepare for your meetings using pipelines, financing histories and deal summaries

Build a 360-degree view on relevant competitors, partners and investors

Access mobile-friendly profiles at a conference or on the way to a meeting

Discover Emerging Companies

Search for early-stage companies in areas of interest

Filter using targets, modalities, funding, valuation, location and more

Identify academic collaborators and venture backers founding new companies

Dig deep using BioCentury's extensive library of Emerging Company Profiles

BCIQ Profiles

Informative snapshots of companies, diseases, products, deals and targets. Use integrated links to navigate between profiles and to related analytical reports.


See the big picture, including financing summaries, financial metrics, investors,
underwriters, deal flow and pipeline profiles, linked to BioCentury’s coverage
of a company. 


See the global pipeline against the indication of interest. Filter by therapeutic target, stage of development, regulatory status and partnership status, along with related deals, financings and BioCentury analysis.


Review a product by indication, phase of development, and partnerships, as well as product targets and modalities with relevant BioCentury analysis.


Find deals based on participating companies and their roles. View deal profiles with potential value, upfront payments, milestones, royalties.  

A unique profile tool to track the key drivers of biopharma innovation
BCIQ Target Profiles

Search for novel or untapped target spaces. Build a competitive landscape for a particular target or target family. Search for companies or products based on targets.

A therapeutic modality filter set to identify new technological approaches to targets and diseases
Therapeutic Modalities

Search for products based on therapeutic modality using a tiered structure.  For example, find all RNA products or only mRNA products.  Differentiate between T cells and NK cells.

Data Needs Context

Only BCIQ provides direct links from company, product, disease and deal data to informed insights from BioCentury’s analysts.