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5:00 PM Mar 18, 2019

Talk less, do more: Germline gene editing needs real plans, not just moratoria

We’ve moved on from sound and fury. We’re now just signifying nothing. The latest public proclamation on germline gene editing, couched in a call for a moratorium, is as much preaching to the...

5:27 PM Mar 15, 2019

Spreading the costs and pain in Part D

The Trump administration’s proposed changes to Medicare Part D would shift costs from the federal government to patients, manufacturers and insurers, all of which are sure to lobby against it...

3:01 PM Mar 15, 2019

Broadening the PARP playing field

With its latest clinical win for Lynparza, AstraZeneca is leading the field in stretching the use of PARP inhibitors beyond tumors that carry BRCA mutations. The results highlight one piece of a...

7:41 PM Mar 14, 2019

Fresh AIMMs for elite responders

AIMM Therapeutics B.V.’s elite responder platform has identified mAbs that distinguish tumor and healthy cells based on protein modifications.

7:31 PM Mar 14, 2019

The microbiome universe in two maps

In its “big bang” over the last decade, the universe of microbiome therapeutics has expanded far beyond its origins of fecal transplants, used primarily for C. difficile. Mapping biotech...