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6:03 PM Feb 22, 2019

Benchmarks for NASH

Benchmarking clinical value in NASH will require more than the topline data reported this week by Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc. The readout gained Ocaliva obeticholic acid the title of first NASH...

4:47 PM Feb 22, 2019

Modeling now for precision later

GNS Healthcare Inc. is building a platform that aims to make value-based payment models unnecessary by giving companies a way to know which patients will respond before they even launch the drug.

1:56 PM Feb 22, 2019

Azar’s IPI: socialist or capitalist?

The Trump administration’s plan for an international reference pricing scheme for Medicare Part B drugs has provoked vituperative opposition from BIO, PhRMA and their allies who have branded it...

8:45 PM Feb 21, 2019

Solid checkpoint for CARs

PD-L1 family member B7-H3 could put CAR T cells in play for a slew of difficult-to-treat solid tumors, including pediatric cancers that lack targeted therapies, according to a pair of preclinical...

6:47 PM Feb 21, 2019

Expansion into TNBC

With an RNA-binding small molecule that sensitizes HER2-negative cancers to Herceptin, Matt Disney’s latest study adds to the growing arsenal of preclinical therapies against triple-negative...