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7:20 PM Feb 15, 2019

ADCs’ inflection point

Industry is writing a new rule book for antibody-drug conjugates that could take the modality beyond the one-size-fits-all approach that has limited its success. By 2Q20, late-stage data from at...

4:45 PM Feb 15, 2019

Embedding digital in Lilly’s portfolio

In its newly created position of chief digital officer, Eli Lilly and Co. is avoiding the rush to an all-out, all-encompassing role, instead circumscribing the focus to tools that improve patient...

7:03 PM Feb 14, 2019

Heartening predictors in diabetes

New biomarkers of cardiovascular risk could relieve a decade-old bottleneck for diabetes drug development, but validating them will require companies to invest in strategic trial designs, and...

4:23 PM Feb 14, 2019

A bug about Alzheimer’s

Cortexyme Inc. believes it has connected the dots between Alzheimer’s and gum disease, outlining a path from the bacteria that cause periodontitis to chronic brain infection with hallmarks of...

5:54 AM Feb 14, 2019

HKEX: where East meets West

Unfazed by the shaky start of the Hong Kong stock exchange’s new biotech chapter, HKEX CEO Charles Li thinks its position at the nexus of East and West will underpin its long-term success. With...