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6:33 PM Apr 18, 2019

The next wave in neurodegeneration expands beyond neurons

Working in the background, while amyloid therapies have floundered, has been a group of companies betting that the immune system can do for neurodegeneration what it is has done for oncology. The...

5:02 AM Apr 18, 2019

Lurie Prize winner Belkaid outlines ways to harness microbiome-specific immunity

By working to understand how humans coexist with their microbiomes, 2019 Lurie Prize Winner Yasmine Belkaid is uncovering a vast, but largely ignored, arm of the immune system -- microbiome-...

5:27 PM Apr 12, 2019

ctDNA inches toward new applications

After establishing itself as a key tool for tumor profiling and patient stratification, circulating tumor DNA is now beginning to make the move into monitoring response to therapy, where it...

12:10 PM Apr 12, 2019

Changing models and minds to improve access to addiction treatment

A lack of acknowledgment by key stakeholders in the healthcare system that medications can treat opioid abuse, along with a fragmented reimbursement system, means that effective treatments aren’...

6:38 AM Apr 12, 2019

Compassionate use of gene therapies raises ethical, commercial quandaries

No matter how quickly gene therapies are developed, there will always be a gap between the news that a product may radically alter the course of a disease and the drug’s approval. Like other...