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5:43 PM Jul 19, 2019

Top Democratic presidential candidates aligned on drug prices

Four of the top five fundraisers among Democratic presidential candidates have endorsed similar policies for reducing drug prices, but there are differences in the specificity of their plans.

3:35 PM Jul 19, 2019

A half step forward for heart failure as FDA guidance leaves key question unanswered

A draft FDA guidance for heart failure endpoints could spark investment and accelerate development of cardiovascular therapies. But companies still don’t have a clear sense of when and whether...

3:01 PM Jul 19, 2019

Gilead’s $5.1B Galapagos deal threads the needle between M&A and licensing

The structure of Gilead’s partnership with Galapagos gives the U.S. biotech access to all of Galapagos’ programs, without the brain drain that followed its acquisition of Kite.

5:38 PM Jul 18, 2019

Why GammaDelta would do its Takeda build-to-buy all over again

Two years in, GammaDelta says the $100 million Takeda option deal it signed months after launching gave the company a boost that would have been hard to come by any other way.

5:16 PM Jul 18, 2019

A mark up for RNA epigenetics

As a field, RNA epigenetics is still in its infancy, though picking up pace as researchers translate lab findings to drug development. Two papers straddling academia and industry provide a new...