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The Partnering Powerhouse: Genmab

Back to School 2023 case study: How Genmab leveraged a partnership for its lead asset to build a commercial infrastructure in a stepwise manner

September 1, 2023 3:24 PM UTC

Genmab’s partnering strategy around best-in-class assets and new modality technologies has anchored it as a partnering powerhouse, and fueled the company’s growth from a small-cap biotech to a European bellwether that last year recorded more than $1.5 billion in royalty revenues.

The company, led by Jan van de Winkel, is the Back to School 2023 case study in using partnering to extract more value from an R&D engine than the company could have managed on its own. While the rule-of-thumb is mostly to avoid partnering a lead asset, Genmab A/S (CSE:GMAB; NASDAQ:GMAB) has managed to do this and still drive long-term sustainable growth by focusing on innovative, new modalities and subsequent partnerships where the Danish biotech retained more and more of the future value. ...

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