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The Financing Powerhouse: Argenx

Back to School 2023 case study: How argenx has built a franchise around FCRN, climbing to almost $30B in market cap 

September 1, 2023 4:47 PM UTC

An incredible seven-year run of aggressive financing, coupled with near-flawless clinical and commercial execution, has propelled argenx from a sub-$500 million, early Phase II biotech to a $30 billion large-cap biopharma with a global commercial organization and a lead asset in the clinic across 13 different indications.

As part of BioCentury’s Back to School 2023, argenx SE (Euronext:ARGX; NASDAQ:ARGX) presents a case study in how to use strategic financing to jump tiers as one of biotech’s biggest recent success stories, having raised more than $5 billion in the past seven years and used it to position the company as a sustainable high-growth large cap...

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