Product Development
Including SAB’s polyclonal therapy in NIAID COVID study could yield shield against variants

NIH has picked SAB’s antibody therapy as the latest addition to its master protocol trial to treat COVID-19 outpatients. As a polyclonal therapy, SAB-185 could offer greater ...

Emerging Company Profile
Monopteros: Medicxi-backed start-up believes MALT1 inhibition can prime tumors for checkpoint blockade

Monopteros has won the backing of Medicxi in a $20 million series A round designed to see whether its MALT1 inhibitor can selectively reprogram Tregs to enhance checkpoint inhibitors’ efficacy.

Code Bio: Using DNA scaffolds to deliver non-viral gene therapies

Non-viral gene therapy start-up Code Bio believes its synthetic DNA vectors will allow it to deliver payloads that viral vectors cannot, opening up broader possibilities for the modality including ...

FDA’s CBER vows crackdown on unapproved stem, cell therapies

FDA will end a period of “compliance and enforcement discretion” that has given manufacturers of human cell, tissue, and cellular and tissue-based products time to submit marketing ...

Politics, Policy & Law
House Democrats’ drug pricing bill is opening gambit

House Democrats’ reintroduction of H.R. 3 is the opening move in what is certain to be a long, complex competition over drug pricing legislation. There is no chance that the bill, which ...

April 22 Quick Takes: Obsidian deal adds to Vertex’s expanding gene editing toolbox; plus Zai, Blackstone, ITM, EdiGene, Zymergen

The latest deal in Vertex’s strategy to shore up gene editing capabilities is a $75 million research collaboration and licensing deal with Obsidian to discover small molecule-regulated gene ...

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