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BioCentury's Distillery is a curated collection of top translational studies in the scientific literature identifying new target opportunities, or new technologies for established targets.

Distillery items provide brief summaries of peer-reviewed papers from academia describing preclinical innovations with disease-modifying effects. Each month, BioCentury publishes 20-40 new Distillery items!

The Distillery Dashboard makes it easy to search for innovations in topics of interest, find licensing and partnering opportunities for your portfolios, and build networks in specific geographies, disease areas or target spaces.

  1. Hover over Analysis from the top navigation bar and click Distillery.

CRC-QG-Distillery from Analysis Dropdown.jpg

  1. Or, go to

Distillery Dashboard

The Distillery Dashboard provides a table showcasing the translational discoveries in each study, the names and locations of the corresponding authors, the targets and diseases being investigated, and the innovation’s licensing status.

Distillery chart.jpg

  1. To view a distillery item, which summarizes the most translationally relevant experiments in each study, click the title under the BioCentury Summary column on the left.

BioCentury Summary.jpg

  1. There are many ways to search and filter the dashboard. You can use the search bar above the table to look for specific keywords.

CRC-QG-Search Distillery.jpg

Below the search bar, you can toggle between All Items, Therapeutics Only or Technologies Only for a more specified search. Distillery items on Technologies such as platforms, biomarkers and tools are available through 2019; since then, these innovations have been covered in our Translation in Brief feature.

CRC-QG-All Items Distillery.jpg

The Paper date and Geography filters will work on all Distillery articles. The Paper date can filter on a single year or multiple years by marking the checkboxes. You can also click the chevron next to a year to select the specific months you want to focus on.

Paper date filter.jpg

The Geography filter allows you to find papers based on where the study’s corresponding authors are located. Clicking a chevron will show the available countries in that region for more focused searching.

Geography filter.jpg

There are also some new filters for Patent, License, Innovation Type and Experimental System. These filters apply to Distillery items published since 2Q22.

The Patent filter can be used to find a specific patent status, like patented, application filed or status undisclosed, just to name a few.

Patent filter.jpg

The License filter has options such as licensed, unlicensed, available for partnering or status undisclosed.

License filter.jpg

The Innovation Type filter has three options: Biology, Technology and Biology; Technology. Biology innovations identify new targets for a disease, and Technology innovations describe new preclinical therapeutic compounds. Papers in the Distillery may include one innovation type, or both.

Innovation type filter.jpg

The Experimental System filter allows you to narrow down the Distillery items according to the model systems used, with options like Cell Culture, In vitro, Mice and Patient samples.

Exp System filter.jpg

Finally, the Distillery Dashboard also has an interactive search feature using the region bar graph, institution table or investigator bar graph. Selecting a bar, like for the Americas, or an institution, like Harvard Medical School, will filter the items in the Distillery table accordingly.

Dashboard filtered.jpg

The filters work the same way on the Therapeutics Only tab of the Distillery Dashboard. You can also use the links in the Molecular Target table to access the BCIQ target profiles. Check out the Accessing BCIQ Profiles quick guide to learn more about BCIQ Profile Reports

Therapeutics tab.jpg

  1. Toggle the Charts slider in the top left OFF to get rid of the interactive graphs and see only the table of data.

Chart off.jpg

  1. To export the table to Excel, hover over the table and click the three horizontal dots at the top right corner of the table.

By downloading and exporting any content or information you agree that as between you and BioCentury that BioCentury is the exclusive owner of the content. You also agree to place this attribution on the content or information as follows: Source: BioCentury Inc. Copyright © 2024 BioCentury Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Click Export Data, choose either Data with current layout or Summarized data and click Export.



Browse Distillery

The Browse Distillery tab provides all the Distillery items we have published from newest to oldest for easy scanning.

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Browse Translation in Brief

BioCentury’s weekly Translation in Brief feature provides brief summaries of translational innovations that could accelerate drug discovery — such as platform technologies, biomarkers and tools — from academia and elsewhere, along with companies' data on their preclinical programs.

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Browse our collection of long-form and data-based analyses of translational innovation.

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