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Accessing BCIQ Profiles

A BioCentury Quick Guide

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BioCentury’s intelligence database, BCIQ, is carefully curated by our Editorial and Business Intelligence teams and houses thousands of companies, products and targets. You can access the profiles from your desktop or mobile device, and all BioCentury subscriptions include these profiles.

Watch a walkthrough of the Profiles here!

Table of Contents:

Company Profiles

Target Profiles

Product Profiles

Financial Dashboards

Exporting Excel Data

From Homepage:

  1. Hover over BCIQ Data in the navigation bar.

  2. Select the profile type you want to view (Company, Product or Target).


From an Article:

  1. While reading an article, click the underlined companies, products or targets you want to view.

CRC-QG-Underlined Company Profile.jpg

  1. You may also access the profiles on the right-hand menu of the article.

CRC-QG-BCIQ Profiles Menu.jpg

Company Profiles

These profiles provide a quick snapshot of a company’s pipeline, deal and funding history, and related BioCentury intelligence. You can visit the Company Profiles page to begin your search.

The search function uses predictive text to fill in available options:

CRC-QG-Typing Gilead.jpg

Profiles include a breakdown of each company's pipeline by stage and disease category as well as a list of upcoming milestones.


Target Profiles

Interested in a particular target? Visit the Target Profiles to start your search. Target profiles, like the CTLA-4 example below, include a breakdown of compounds by development stage and regulatory designation, as well as upcoming milestones and related BioCentury content.

Target search.jpg

Products by Phase of Development.jpg

Product Profiles

BCIQ Product Profiles – such as for CAR T therapy Kymriah – provide graphics on regulatory stage by disease, upcoming milestones, partnering info and related BioCentury content.

Product search.jpg

Indications by Phase.jpg

Financial Dashboards

Want to keep up with daily gainers and see how much money has been raised through financings? Financial Dashboards provide in-depth financings and stocks data on the biopharma market for you to analyze.

CRC-QG-Daily Gainers.jpg

Financial Charts.jpg

Exporting Excel Data

By downloading and exporting any content or information you agree that as between you and BioCentury that BioCentury is the exclusive owner of the content. You also agree to place this attribution on the content or information as follows: Source: BioCentury Inc. Copyright © 2024 BioCentury Inc. All Rights Reserved.

To export the table data to Excel, please follow these steps.

  1. Hover over the top-right corner of the table.

  2. Click the three horizontal dots (More options) from the upper right corner of the table:

    More Options.jpg

  3. Choose the Export data option:

    Export Data.jpg

  4. A pop up will appear asking to export the data with current layout or the summarized data. Select the one you wish to view, then click Export.

    Data Output Options.jpg

Full access to our profiles and to the BCIQ database is available to BCIQ subscribers.

Request a trial by clicking here.

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