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12:00 AM, May 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Medicines Co. gets approvable letter

The Medicines Co. ( Cambridge, Mass.) received an approvable letter from the FDA for its Angiomax bivalirudin anticoagulant thrombin inhibitor to treat patients with unstable angina undergoing angioplasty. Angiomax is approved for marketing in New...
12:00 AM, May 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

InSite Vision launches AquaSite in Korea

Global Damon Pharm and Kukje Pharma launched AquaSite demulcents dry eye treatment in Korea. AquaSite is the first approved product that uses ISV's DuraSite drug delivery technology....
12:00 AM, May 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Protein Design Labs grants antibody licenses to Chugai

Chugai (Tokyo, Japan) received worldwide non-exclusive licenses to PDLI's antibody humanization patents for an undisclosed number of Chugai antibody targets. One of the targets includes an antibody against human IL-6 receptor, which is in clinical...
12:00 AM, May 16, 2000  |  BC Extra | Financial News

ImmGenics gets $6 million

ImmGenics (Vancouver, B.C.), a developer of antibody-based therapeutics and diagnostics, completed a private placement for C$9 million (US$6 million). Investors included Nomura International; and International Biotechnology Trust....
12:00 AM, May 16, 2000  |  BC Extra | Top Story

Elan wins appeal in patent suit

ELN said the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a decision affirming a previous court judgment that its Nifedipine extended-release product, a generic equivalent to BAYG's hypertension drug Adalat, do not infringe...
12:00 AM, May 16, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

AstraZeneca GMO rice collaboration

AZN received an exclusive license to Golden Rice, a genetically modified rice with high levels of beta-carotene, developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The rice was licensed from Greenovations (Freiburg, Germany), a company...
12:00 AM, May 16, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Bioglan buys Laboratoires CS

Bioglan (LSE:BGP) acquired the 50 percent of Mosaique, the holding company for Laboratoires CS, that it did not own for FF75 million ($10.3 million) in cash. Further payments of FF90 million ($12.5 million) will be...
12:00 AM, May 16, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Cell Therapeutics to get priority review

CTIC said it was granted priority review from the FDA for its Arsenic TriOxide (ATO) to treat relapsed or refractory acute promyelocytic leukemia. CTIC's NDA, submitted on March 28, will be acted upon within six...
12:00 AM, May 16, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

DeveloGen and HepaVec merge

Functional genomics company DeveloGen (Gottingen, Germany) and gene delivery play HepaVec (Berlin, Germany) merged in a stock swap. The combined company will focus on products to treat diabetes, obesity, liver regeneration, and liver cancer, with...
12:00 AM, May 16, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Mallinckrodt's Methylin approved

MKG received FDA marketing approval for Methylin methylphenidate extended-release tablets to treat attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder....