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12:00 AM, Nov 06, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

GM taco focus moves to Europe

Monsanto on Monday vowed to provide "full support" to European food companies and regulatory agencies in response to allegations by Friends of the Earth that taco chips sold in the U.K. contain genetically modified corn...
12:00 AM, Nov 06, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Abgenix completes ImmGenics acquisition

Antibody developer ABGX completed its previously announced acquisition of ImmGenics (Vancouver, B.C.), which develops technology for rapidly screening antibodies from antibody-producing B cells rather than hybridoma cell lines, for C$110 million (US$77 million) in ABGX...
12:00 AM, Nov 06, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Novartis receives Estradot marketing rights from Noven

NOVN granted Novartis (NVS) exclusive rights to market Estradot transdermal 17-beta estradiol in all countries outside the U.S., Canada and Japan. The companies already jointly market Estradot as Vivelle-Dot in the U.S. through their jointly...
12:00 AM, Nov 06, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Medarex produces antibodies for Lilly

MEDX will produce a number of human antibodies, using its HuMab-Mouse technology, against various LLY targets. MEDX will receive an immunization fee for each target against which it produces an antibody, plus license fees, milestones...
12:00 AM, Nov 06, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Dyax and Bracco in diagnostic imaging pact

Bracco (Milan, Italy) received an exclusive global license to use DYAX's phage display technology to develop and market diagnostic imaging products, including DYAX's existing inflammation, cardiovascular and oncology imaging product leads. Bracco will pay DYAX...
12:00 AM, Nov 06, 2000  |  BC Extra | Clinical News

StressGen starts anal dysplasia Phase III

StressGen (TSE:SSB) started a 128-patient U.S. double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase III trial of HspE7 to treat anal dysplasia (AIN) caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Clinical efficacy will be determined by regression of AIN using pathological criteria....
12:00 AM, Nov 06, 2000  |  BC Extra | Politics & Policy

Gene therapy death suit settled

A lawsuit brought against the University of Pennsylvania, scientists at its Institute for Human Gene Therapy and others over the death of Jesse Gelsinger in a gene therapy trial has been settled out of court....
12:00 AM, Nov 03, 2000  |  BC Extra | Top Story

3-Dimensional retracts GPCR crystallization

3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals (DDDP) said that contrary to its previous statements, the company has not succeeded in producing crystals of the beta-2 adrenergic receptor, a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR). Instead, DDDP said it believes it crystallized...
12:00 AM, Nov 03, 2000  |  BC Extra | Financial News

BioMedicines files for IPO

BioMedicines filed to raise up to $57.5 million in an IPO underwritten by UBS Warburg; U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray; and Pacific Growth Equities. BioMedicines (Alameda, Calif.) acquires and develops chemicals and biologics for cancer, immunology...
12:00 AM, Nov 03, 2000  |  BC Extra | Financial News

Deutsche Banc analyst raises Genaissance target

Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown analyst Dennis Harp raised his price target on pharmacogenomics company GNSC to $50 from $30. He said that the company's $445 million technology value is 60 percent lower than the $1.1...