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12:00 AM, Apr 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Idec in-licenses prostate cancer technology

IDPH acquired an exclusive worldwide license from the National Cancer Institute to use PAGE-4 plasmid DNA and the PAGE-4 protein antigen to develop and commercialize a vaccine to treat human prostate cancer. Separately, IDPH acquired...
12:00 AM, Apr 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Clinical News

Coley begins Phase I/II

Coley Pharmaceutical Group (Wellesley, Mass.) began the first of three Phase I/II trials of its CpG 7909 CpG DNA-based immune stimulant to treat cancer. The U.S. trial will treat 24 patients with relapsed or refractory...
12:00 AM, Apr 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Financial News

Weston Medical sets IPO range

Weston Medical (Eye, U.K.), a drug delivery company, plans to offer up to 30.9 million new shares in its London IPO. The shares are expected to be sold between 160p and 195p per share, which...
12:00 AM, Apr 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Financial News

Cytogen postpones follow-on

CYTO postponed its proposed follow-on offering, citing market conditions and recent volatility. On March 28, CYTO filed to sell 6 million shares when its stock price was $9.125. The proteomics and oncology company said it...
12:00 AM, Apr 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Warner-Lambert drops GelTex compound

WLA will return to GELX all rights to GELX's diethylnorspermine (DENSPM) polyamine analog that depletes proliferating cells of required polyamines. The product, which GELX received through its acquisition of SunPharm (Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.), is...
12:00 AM, Apr 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

M&E signs Alzheimer's deal with Lundbeck

M&E Biotech (Horsholm, Denmark) and H. Lundbeck (Copenhagen, Denmark) will use M&E's AutoVac therapeutic vaccine technology to develop treatments for neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer's disease. Lundbeck will fund all product development costs and will pay...
12:00 AM, Apr 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

MediGene in-licenses validation technology

MediGene (Martinsried, Germany) acquired all rights to an in vitro 3-D tissue culture matrix that simulates the physiological environment of the heart from the Friedrich Alexander University (Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany). The company said the technology can...
12:00 AM, Apr 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Genentech to evaluate Quantum's technology

DNA will evaluate Qdot Nanocrystal technology, developed by Quantum Dot (Palo Alto, Calif.), for use in DNA's cellular and molecular research assays. Qdot Nanocrystals are molecule-size semiconductors for use in DNA and protein detection....
12:00 AM, Apr 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Company News

Devgen's insecticide program progress

Devgen (Ghent, Belgium) said that it has used its C. elegans nematode model system to design a target-specific high throughput screen, identify the mechanism of action of compounds and deliver active compounds to partner FMC...
12:00 AM, Apr 17, 2000  |  BC Extra | Top Story

Biotech lags market rebound

Despite an upturn in the general markets on Monday, the BioCentury 100 was unable to recapture any portion of last Friday's 13 percent loss, as the index slipped a further 2 percent on Monday. The...