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Sharing BCIQ Filter Sets

A BioCentury Quick Guide

Collaborate with your fellow BCIQ users by sharing saved filters sets, allowing them to replicate and expand searches!

Saving Filter Sets

To share filter sets, you must first save them.

  1. Click BCIQ Data from the top navigation bar.

CRC-QG-BCIQ Data Nav Bar.jpg

  1. Head to the desired module to begin your search.

  2. Select the desired filters from the filter menu on the left.

  3. Once you have all the filters you need, click Save Filter Set, enter a name for it and click Save.

CRC-QG-Save Filter Set.jpg

  1. Click Saved Filter Sets from the top of the filter menu to quickly access them.

CRC-QG-Saved Filter Sets Menu.jpg

Sharing Saved Filter Sets

  1. (Optionally) Add or remove filters and click Update Filter Set to save the newest version of your saved filter set.

CRC-QG-Update Saved Filter Set.jpg

  1. Click Share Filter Set.

  2. Click Email to immediately prepare an email to send to your colleagues, giving them access to the saved report.

  3. Alternatively, click Copy Link to send the link through your preferred communication route.

CRC-QG-Share Filter Set.jpg

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