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Customizing Newsfeed and Alerts

A BioCentury Quick Guide

BCIQ’s Newsfeed feature works as your own personal surveillance tool for companies, disease indications, targets and products. Setting up alerts for these topics allows you to keep track of everything you need to know about your areas of interest from both our publications and our database.

Setting up Alerts

To get your alerts up and running, you must first customize them.

  1. First, click BCIQ at the top of the screen to go to your BCIQ Newsfeed

  2. Select the Customize Your BCIQ Alerts button in the middle of the screen. A pop-up will appear prompting you to set up your BCIQ alerts.


  1. You can then search for specific companies, disease indications, molecular targets and products that you would like to follow.

  2. Once you have entered all the keywords you want, click Save at the bottom of the screen.


From now on, your newsfeed will begin to populate with a steady stream of information on your areas of interest.

Alert types

Now that you have set up your alerts, your newsfeed will change every time you log into BCIQ. The newsfeed will then be split into two sections for two different types of alerts: Publication Alerts and Data Alerts.

Publication Alerts

On the left side of the Newsfeed, you will find the Publication Alerts. This is populated by newly published articles that relate to your alerts so that you do not miss out on the crucial intelligence and events that pertain to your areas of interest.

Data Alerts

On the right side of the Newsfeed, you will find the Data Alerts. This is related to data from BCIQ. Within the Data Alerts, you will find specific alerts for the companies, disease indications, molecular targets and products you selected during set up. This means that anytime a new data point – whether it is a new company, financing, deal or product that falls under your criteria – is entered into BCIQ, will trigger a new Data Alert that will be available in your Newsfeed.


Managing Alerts

You can add or delete alerts by clicking on the small gear icon on the right, under Help.


To add new alerts, simply enter the names of the new companies, disease indications, molecular targets or products you’d like to add.

To delete alerts, just click on the small "x" next to the saved keywords.

Finally, when you’ve finished making changes, click Save.

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