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A BioCentury Quick Guide

BioCentury’s BCIQ database is made up of four separate but integrated modules. These modules allow you to create reports to help you understand specific competitive landscapes and markets.


BCIQ's Company Module gives you access to detailed profiles on thousands of public and private companies, including a repository of private company data that you can't find anywhere else.

The Companies module gives you unprecedented power to:

View detailed profiles and analysis of life science companies.
Track the activities of partners, possible collaborators and competitors.
Examine deal flow by company.
Create reports on deals and clinical histories.
Segment thousands of companies by type.
Search for companies by ticker symbols.
Build and save peer groups based on strategic areas of interest.
Filter companies that have completed certain types of deals.

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BCIQ's Products Module allows you to quickly and easily research and analyze product pipelines by company, disease category, molecular target, mechanism of action, phase of development, licensing status and more.

With the Products module, you can:

Identify new licensing opportunities.
Build a competitive landscape of any disease category.
Seamlessly access partner company pipelines and financial history.
Discover unpartnered compounds and emerging companies.
Examine deal flow by product and target.
Research over 25,000 products ranging from preclinical development to the market.
Find products with special regulatory designations.
Pinpoint products by therapeutic modality.

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With BCIQ's Financial Module, you can filter, download and manipulate data on over $1 trillion in public and private financings in seconds. Newly added tools help you analyze financial and stock performance with the click of a button.

The Financial module allows you to:

Pinpoint new investment opportunities.
Analyze corporate financials, fundraising and stock summaries.
Find investors and VCs active in your therapeutic space.
Research over $1 trillion in financings.

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BCIQ's Deal Module allows you to view deal profiles and in-depth updates. Research mergers and acquisitions; licenses and partnerships; foundation grants; sales, marketing and co-promotion deals; and asset purchases. Quickly segment deals by disease area, indication, therapeutic modality, technology, clinical stages and more. You can also examine the source documents and press releases associated with each deal.

Use the Deals module to:

View content-rich deal profiles and in-depth updates.
Create Top 10 lists of deal makers.
Evaluate key financial metrics of deals gathered through primary source research.
Research M&A share prices, premiums and private company financing history.
Discover deal statistics and create charts.
Review source documents and press releases.
Track corporate name changes across deals and M&A transactions.

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