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Coronavirus Analysis

In response to the urgent need for information about the coronavirus crisis, we are providing this collection of BioCentury analysis of the coronavirus outbreak. The analysis in this collection is free and will be updated frequently by our team as research develops. Please send suggestions for additional coverage to: ncov2019@biocentury.com. We are developing stories about the discovery, testing and deployment of medical countermeasures, and the response of the biomedical community to the outbreak.


With support from HHS, Sanofi is adapting the platform behind its approved flu vaccine to develop a COVID-19 vaccine

Feb 18, 2020 | 5:09 PM PST

The coronavirus outbreak comes at a time when many major multinational pharmas are betting big on the China market for future growth

Feb 14, 2020 | 8:18 PM PST

Scientists from biopharma companies, universities and regulatory agencies met at the WHO Feb. 11-12 to draw a roadmap for the development of vaccines to protect against COVID-19 amid a rapidly shifting terrain

Feb 14, 2020 | 7:44 PM PST

Among the several dozen agents in clinical testing for COVID-19, in vitro data against the new coronavirus have only been reported for four, and they support the WHO’s prioritization of remdesivir from Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD)

Feb 14, 2020 | 7:17 PM PST

Just as China jumped to become AstraZeneca’s second-largest region by revenue, the U.K. pharma warned in its 2020 guidance that the COVID-19 outbreak may have a negative impact on revenues for at least the next few months

Feb 14, 2020 | 6:45 PM PST

Gilead is ramping up manufacturing of remdesivir, which is being tested as a potential treatment for COVID-19, the company told BioCentury Thursday

Feb 13, 2020 | 2:53 PM PST

Initial signals from two ongoing trials in China of Gilead’s of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 should be available in a few weeks, Marie-Paule Kieny said at a WHO press conference Wednesday

Feb 12, 2020 | 4:44 PM PST

Although Bio-Thera priced its Shanghai IPO Monday, the Guangzhou-based antibody company will likely prove to be the exception among biotechs planning to debut on the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges as Asian markets remain volatile and 2019-nCoV-related travel restrictions scuttle plans for roadshows

Feb 10, 2020 | 5:43 PM PST

The coronavirus outbreak in China has triggered a stark call to action across the international biopharma community to treat, diagnose and prevent the spread of the virus, but it has also revealed some cracks in China's infrastructure that have upended clinical and commercial operations in the region

Feb 7, 2020 | 9:00 PM PST

The number of groups that have announced vaccine programs against 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease has jumped 50% from last week

Feb 7, 2020 | 8:06 PM PST

The 13 therapies in clinical trials to treat coronavirus map to at least half a dozen mechanisms, intervening at three different steps in the viral cycle or manipulating different aspects of the host immune response

Feb 7, 2020 | 7:13 PM PST

Insilico Medicine Inc. became the second AI company this week to contribute the speed of its platform to biopharma’s mass mobilization against the 2019-nCoV crisis

Feb 7, 2020 | 5:29 PM PST

The 2019-nCoV outbreak has not adversely affected supplies of drugs or active pharmaceutical ingredients to the U.S., FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn said Friday

Feb 7, 2020 | 4:51 PM PST

Companies and government organizations have started large-scale deployment of diagnostics to diagnose and screen for the 2019-nCoV

Feb 6, 2020 | 2:13 PM PST

Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day said a patent application from two Chinese institutions for the use of the company’s unapproved antiviral remdesivir to treat the coronavirus “has no impact on what we’re going to do for global health”

Feb 5, 2020 | 5:35 PM PST

Regeneron and BenevolentAI unveiled a deal and a platform, respectively, on Tuesday that could yield therapies against 2019-nCoV that go beyond anti-inflammatory drugs for other viral infections

Feb 4, 2020 | 5:39 PM PST

Almost all major biopharma MNCs are conducting clinical trials in China that could face disruptions as the outbreak of 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease continues to unfold

Feb 4, 2020 | 5:48 PM PST

FDA and EMA each unveiled measures Tuesday to combat the 2019-nCoV outbreak, with the U.S. agency issuing emergency use authorization for a diagnostic and its European counterpart activating its emerging health threats management plan

Feb 4, 2020 | 5:48 PM PST

Gilead’s remdesivir is the most promising candidate for treating 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease, according to a draft report of WHO’s R&D Blueprint Clinical Trials expert group

Feb 4, 2020 | 4:56 PM PST

As China responds to the 2019-nCoV virus outbreak, executives of Chinese life sciences companies have pointed out that efforts to fight the virus could affect clinical trials across the nation, including postponement of new trials and continued enrollment of ongoing trials and increased usage of remote monitoring

Feb 4, 2020 | 12:53 PM PST

Nine clinical trials are under way to test therapeutic interventions for 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease, according to ClinicalTrials.Gov and the Chinese Clinical Trial Register

Feb 3, 2020 | 5:34 PM PST

As Gilead plans a Chinese trial of remdesivir to treat the coronavirus, health authorities in Washington state reported that compassionate use of the nucleotide analog prodrug resolved almost all disease symptoms in one infected patient

Feb 3, 2020 | 5:03 PM PST

GlaxoSmithKline will provide its AS03 adjuvant technology to enhance 2019-nCoV vaccines that are being funded by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, GSK and CEPI announced Sunday

Feb 2, 2020 | 8:41 PM PST

A tally of ongoing clinical trials in Wuhan, the city at the center of the coronavirus outbreak

Jan 31, 2020 | 5:56 PM PST

HHS Secretary Alex Azar Friday declared that 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) poses a public health emergency

Jan 31, 2020 | 3:10 PM PST

Industry and academic centers are rushing to create new vaccines and therapeutics targeting coronavirus

Jan 30, 2020 | 5:22 PM PST

Ascletis is seeking the approval of China’s NMPA for emergency use of its protease inhibitors to treat 2019-nCoV coronavirus after the government released guidelines suggesting AbbVie’s Kaletra as a treatment for the virus

Jan 29, 2020 | 6:04 PM PST

AbCellera Biologics Inc. has started a program to discover mAbs as potential treatments for patients infected with the 2019-nCoV that was first identified in Wuhan, China, the company’s CEO, Carl Hansen, told BioCentury

Jan 28, 2020 | 1:37 PM PST

Two more companies have announced that they are developing vaccines to protect against the 2019-nCoV outbreak that was first detected in Wuhan, China, bringing the total number of vaccine development programs to at least 10

Jan 27, 2020 | 3:20 PM PST

The coronavirus outbreak is creating a testbed for new vaccine and therapeutic technologies

Jan 24, 2020 | 8:02 PM PST

The rapid sharing of the genetic sequence of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), first identified in Wuhan, China, has sparked an extraordinary response from biopharma companies, academic researchers and governments

Jan 23, 2020 | 2:04 PM PST

At least four groups have started to develop vaccines to protect against the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that was first detected in Wuhan, China

Jan 21, 2020 | 5:02 PM PST