Opening a Door into Solid Tumors

The irregular and leaky vasculature of tumors has been a major obstacle to the effective delivery of chemotherapeutics and immunotherapies to the cancerous tissues they target.1 A paper in <em>Nature</em> now suggests that inhibiting regulator of G protein signaling 5, a protein upregulated in a variety of cancers,2 could block tumor-induced vascular remodeling and enhance delivery of therapeutics.3

In the new study by Ruth Ganss of the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research and colleagues, the researchers knocked out regulator of G protein signaling 5 (Rgs5) in a murine model of pancreatic islet cell carcinogenesis, a model previously used in her lab that had shown overexpression of Rgs5 in the tumor vasculature, specifically in pericytes in the vascular bed.4 Pancreatic tumors in the resulting Rgs5-deficient mice had significantly improved oxygenation and significantly less vascular leakiness compared with tumors in

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