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Genprex preclinical data

April 23, 2012 7:00 AM UTC

In mouse xenograft models of NSCLC, Oncoprex plus MK-2206 significantly reduced mean tumor volume vs. mice receiving empty vector plus MK-2206, MK-2206 alone, Oncoprex alone and empty vector by day 21 (364 vs. 728, 926, 1,171 and 2,405 mm 3, respectively; p<0.01 for all). Data were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Chicago. Genprex plans to start a Phase I/II trial of Oncoprex in combination with Tarceva erlotinib to treat lung cancer this year. Oncoprex consists of systemically delivered nanoparticles incorporating tumor suppressor candidate 2 ( TUSC2; FUS1). ...