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NGR-hTNF: Additional Phase II data

September 6, 2010 7:00 AM UTC

Additional data from the open-label, Italian Phase II Study NGR008 trial showed that median PFS in 27 patients who received 0.8 µg/m 2 IV NGR-hTNF every 3 weeks was 2.3 months. NGR-hTNF every 3 weeks also produced a complete response in a Nexavar sorafenib-resistant patient and a partial response in a previously untreated patient with impaired liver function, plus 6 cases of stable disease. In 13 patients who received 0.8 µg/m 2 weekly IV NGR-hTNF, median PFS was 2 months, and treatment produced 5 cases of stable disease. Data were published in the British Journal of Cancer. ...