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Xarelto rivaroxaban: Phase III data

November 22, 2010 8:00 AM UTC

Additionally, rivaroxaban-treated patients in the PP population had significantly fewer intracranial hemorrhages (0.49% vs. 0.74%, p=0.019), critical organ bleeds (0.82% vs. 1.18%, p=0.007) and bleeding-related deaths vs. warfarin (0.24% vs. 0.48%, p=0.003), but had significantly higher rates of hemoglobin drop (2.77% vs. 2.26%, p=0.019) and transfusion requirements vs. warfarin (1.65% vs. 1.32%, p=0.044). Rivaroxaban also led to fewer myocardial infarctions (0.91% vs. 1.12%, p=0.121) and a lower rate of all-cause mortality vs. warfarin (1.87% vs. 2.21%, p=0.073). Furthermore, rivaroxaban led to significantly fewer cases of hemorrhagic stroke (0.26% vs. 0.44%, p=0.024), and a significantly lower composite rate of vascular death, stroke or embolism vs. warfarin (3.11% vs. 3.63%, p=0.034). Overall, there were significantly fewer cases of hemorrhagic stroke in patients treated with rivaroxaban compared to warfarin (0.26% vs. 0.44%, p=0.024). ...