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SkyePharma, Abbott deal

August 23, 2010 7:00 AM UTC

Abbott's Abbott Respiratory LLC subsidiary terminated a 2006 deal and returned to SkyePharma U.S. rights for Flutiform fluticasone/formoterol. Under the termination, no material payments are due by either party. SkyePharma said in June that "significant additional work" would be required prior to approval of the product for asthma. FDA issued a complete response letter in January requesting data that would require additional clinical work. SkyePharma said it is investigating whether there is a viable way forward for Flutiform in the U.S. If it does decide to move forward, the company would seek a new U.S. partner to finance any additional clinical work (see BioCentury, May 15, 2006 & June 28, 2010). ...