ARTICLE | Product Development

What neuroscience biotechs need to consider when pitching VCs, pharmas

Investors and partners may have different priorities, but all want to see programs grounded in human data

June 11, 2024 7:19 PM UTC

Neurology biotechs need to know their audience when pitching to investors and pharmas, and that means understanding differences between what those parties want to see. 

Biotechs aiming to tap into the moment to seek venture funding or partnership revenue need to heed the lessons learned from recent dealmaking in neurology, and they should not assume telling their story the same way will be appropriate for every audience — VCs and pharmas do not evaluate deals against a uniform set of criteria. In general, investors want a clear plan for getting to clinical proof of concept as efficiently as possible, while pharmas want evidence that an asset has the right properties to make a good drug...