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BIO blasts anti-China biotech bills

Bills targeting Chinese companies ‘would immediately and negatively impact’ U.S. biotech, BIO says

February 8, 2024 10:57 PM UTC

Anti-China biotech bills recently introduced in the House and Senate would, if enacted without modifications, inflict serious harm on the U.S. biotech industry and on the patients who rely on it to develop medicines, BIO warned in a letter sent Thursday to the chair and ranking member of the Senate Committee on Security & Governmental Affairs.

Although the letter from BIO CEO Rachel King expresses concerns about S. 3558, its arguments apply to similar legislation introduced in the House, the Biosecure Act (H.R. 7085). The Senate bill “represents a serious hazard for the biotechnology industry in its current form,” she wrote, adding that “this approach portends significant unintended consequences that would immediately and negatively impact the biotechnology sector in the U.S.”...