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AbolerIS: testing an antibody to kill effector T cells tied to autoimmunity

University of Nantes spinout heading toward clinic with €27.3M from international syndicate

September 18, 2023 11:36 PM UTC

Building on its 2020 seed funding, European academic spinout AbolerIS has drawn a new series A round to start clinical work on its lead immunology program, designed to eliminate precursors of effector T cells that proliferate in autoimmune diseases.

Belgium-based AbolerIS Pharma S.A.S. hopes to begin its first clinical study of an antibody selectively targeting CD45RC, an isoform of CD45. Upstream of inflammatory cytokines, the antibody induces apoptosis of precursors to autoreactive T cells. The company believes its approach can spare regulatory T cells, the formation of which is suppressed by the effector cells, and improve the balance of the two in patients with a group of immune disorders...