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Nucleome: linking ‘dark’ genome variants to drug targets via 3D DNA structures

The Oxford spinout identifies how disease-associated variants in non-coding DNA cause functional, druggable changes in specific cell types

September 28, 2023 10:23 PM UTC

Nucleome believes its high-resolution view into 3D genomic structures can pull actionable drug targets out of the “dark” non-coding regions that make up most of the genome. The University of Oxford spinout is applying its target discovery strategy to autoimmune disorders, finding causal links between disease-associated dark genome mutations and functional changes in lymphocytes.

A central premise for Nucleome Therapeutics Ltd., founded in 2019, is that sequencing alone won’t unlock the value of human genomic data. “It’s like looking at a protein sequence as a flat structure,” co-founder and CEO Danuta Jeziorska told BioCentury...