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Paratus: leveraging bat biology to improve human health

Biotech has raised $100M to industrialize bat biology

February 24, 2023 7:00 PM UTC

Paratus is building a company around the idea that insights derived from the study of bat biology can be applied directly to human health and health security. Its confidence that bats hold the keys to valuable insights into containing pandemics, taming chronic inflammation and finding treatments for a variety of diseases is shared by some of the most successful biotech investors.

Just as valuable microorganisms have been discovered in extreme environments, Paratus Sciences Corp. believes the exceptional adaptations of bats, including their abilities to tolerate pathogens that are deadly to other mammals, to consume the human equivalent of 75 liters of apple juice or 800 hamburgers daily, and to fight off viral infections and sustain injuries without mounting an inflammatory response, can lead to actionable drug targets.  ...

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