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Expanding the CAR T cell toolbox

Snapshots from the literature add to the growing picture of next-gen CAR T manipulations that could enhance multiple cancer therapies 

June 25, 2022 2:11 AM UTC

Minimizing exhaustion and antigen escape remain a focus for the next wave of CAR T cell innovation. Publications captured by BioCentury over the past 18 months point to preclinical CAR T manipulations that could boost responses against a wide range of tumors, adding to the arsenal of approaches presented at oncology conferences.

The papers, featured in BioCentury’s Distillery and Translation in Brief series, highlight both genetic engineering and non-genetic CAR T enhancements such as in vivo co-treatments, culture conditions and selection of starting T cell subsets. Overall, the manipulations are independent of CAR antigen specificity, suggesting they could be applied to many products...

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