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Biopharma companies facing tough decisions in Russia

Pharmaceutical companies balancing calls to disengage vs. duties to patients

May 12, 2022 9:22 PM UTC

Russia’s war against Ukraine is forcing leaders of life sciences companies to consider their responsibilities to people in both countries, their ethical duties, and the best ways to preserve their companies’ reputations with the public and employees.

Fury over the Russian military’s attacks has prompted calls from academics and biotech industry leaders to stop selling medicines, including life-saving drugs, in Russia. Medicine is, they contend, an effective and legitimate weapon in the battle against a regime that commits atrocities and doesn’t value the lives of its own citizens. The contention is that pain and suffering inflicted on the Russian population will translate into public discontent, weakening President Vladimir Putin’s hold on power and degrading support for and hastening an end to the war. ...