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SalioGen: genome editing without viruses or nucleases

The Cambridge, Mass.-based biotech is using mammalian enzymes to insert DNA into the genome without causing breaks

March 30, 2022 7:57 PM UTC

SalioGen aims to increase the accessibility and safety of gene therapies by taking viral vectors and bacterial nucleases out of the equation. The company’s mammalian enzymes do not cause double-stranded DNA breaks and can insert genes of any size.

Saliogen Therapeutics Inc. co-founders Ray Tabibiazar and Joseph Higgins have been working in the field of genetic medicine for over 20 years. They were discussing where the field will be in another five to 10 years when they narrowed in on the idea of “gene coding” — genome editing without viral vectors or nucleases — to broaden the number of diseases to which genetic medicine can be applied...