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F-Prime, Atlas back K36 with $30M to advance MM candidate

Newly launched K36 in-licensed potential first-in-class therapy from Novartis for multiple myeloma subset

December 9, 2021 10:48 PM UTC

A venture syndicate led by F-Prime and Atlas has backed new start-up K36 with $30 million to advance a potential first-in-class candidate in-licensed from Novartis that could benefit a subset of patients with multiple myeloma.

K36 Therapeutics Inc. is aiming to submit an IND next half for KTX-1001, a small molecule inhibitor of NSD2 that the company said is overexpressed in up to a fifth of multiple myeloma patients. No other compounds in BioCentury’s BCIQ database are associated with the target, a histone methyltransferase also known as WHSC1 and MMSET...