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Pandemic response ushers in new era of biopharma data sharing: Guest Commentary

The COVID R&D Alliance tells the story of a pharma data sharing initiative that could extend beyond COVID-19

March 19, 2021 10:34 PM UTC

Years before the novel coronavirus began cutting its lethal course across nearly every continent on earth, scientists and senior executives at leading biopharmaceutical companies were discussing ways of accelerating the design, efficiency and pace of drug development to deliver innovative medicines to patients. What the pandemic has broadened awareness of is the need to encourage and enable greater sharing of both summary-level and patient-level clinical trial data.

Every year, biopharmaceutical companies collect data of incomparable quality at nearly unimaginable scale. The data are amassed with rigor and depth, using detailed, frequent assessments and tracking endpoints of interest, as well as subject measures that are not available in real-world environments. However, once the research is complete, the drug developed or the study stopped, the data often do not live beyond to realize their full value. ...