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Therapies nearing late-stage readouts for COVID-19: Data Byte

Feb 11, 2021 | 1:44 AM GMT

Nearly 30 therapeutic candidates for COVID-19 could report their first late-stage data in the next few months, according to BioCentury’s COVID-19 Clinical Trials Dashboard. 

As of Feb. 8, there were almost 200 active Phase III and IV trials of COVID-19 therapies listed in public databases with estimated end dates or milestones between Feb. 1 and Apr. 30. Of these, 36 are testing therapeutics that have yet to yield late-stage data in the indication. 

The 36 break down to 28 Phase III trials, seven Phase IV trials, and the master protocol trial ACTIV-1 IM, which has an interim readout during the period. 

BioCentury analyzed the molecular classes of the therapies and found immune modulators are biggest group, at 10 candidates, followed by antimicrobials and antithrombotics at five apiece. Antithrombotics are meant to avoid the coagulation that causes strokes and deaths in COVID-19 patients.

The analysis included active trials in the and registries that contain a control arm. Pharma and biotech partners are shown when listed as a sponsor, otherwise the number of trials sponsored by academics are shown. 

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