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0126 Data Byte COVID-19 trial locations
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Where companies are testing COVID-19 therapies and vaccines: Data Byte

Jan 26, 2021 | 11:41 PM GMT

The U.S. remains the hotbed of COVID-19 therapeutics testing, but China is conducting almost as many vaccine trials. 

As of Jan. 25, there were over 700 active COVID trials listed in public registries that had yet to read out, of which 87% were testing therapeutics, according to BioCentury’s COVID-19 Clinical Trials Dashboard.

Almost half of the therapeutic trials have sites in the U.S.

The 33 trials with Chinese sites are split between vaccines and therapeutics, at 16 and 17 trials, respectively. 

At least six trials testing five vaccines have disclosed sites in Brazil or South Africa, where spike mutations in SARS-CoV-2 variants may pose a bigger risk to vaccine efficacy.

The analysis included Phase I-IV trials and those without an FDA-defined phase in the and registries. The chart above displays countries in which at least 10 trials are being conducted; over 60 additional countries are home to nine or fewer trials.

Individual trials are counted once for each country in which they have a site, not by the number of sites in each country.

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