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EcoScience Corp regulatory update

January 31, 1994 8:00 AM UTC

ECSC (Worcester, Mass.) filed for EPA registration for Back-Off 1, a fungal-based sprayable system that uses Metarhizium anisopliae to control soft-bodied insects in greenhouses. ECSC said Back-Off 1 is lethal to aphids and whiteflies, which damage ornamental and food crops. M. anisopliae is the active ingredient in ECSC’s Bio-Path Cockroach Control Chamber, which was registered with the EPA last May.

Separately, ECSC agreed to develop microbial agents and beneficial insects for pest control with the Institute of Biological Control (IBC) of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Beijing). The collaboration includes a technological development and screening program and the formation of a China-based joint venture operating company. ...