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Raptor reports DR Cysteamine data

July 25, 2011 11:39 PM UTC

Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. (NASDAQ:RPTP) fell $1.96 (28%) to $5 on Monday despite announcing DR Cysteamine (RP103) met the primary endpoint of non-inferiority to Cystagon cysteamine in peak white blood cell cystine levels in a Phase III trial to treat nephropathic cystinosis (p=0.021). There was one serious adverse event of gastric intolerance determined to be "possibly related" to DR Cysteamine. The SAE subsequently resolved. The open-label, crossover, international trial enrolled 38 patients.

DR Cysteamine is a delayed-release formulation of a degradation product of the amino acid cysteine. Mylan Inc. (NASDAQ:MYL) markets Cystagon. Raptor would not disclose future development or regulatory plans for DR Cysteamine. ...