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China offers forward-thinking biotechs much more than an opportunity to get delayed clinical trials back on track

Guest commentary: Tapping China’s clinical infrastructure can help resume trials and build long-term advantage

Weiji (危机), the Chinese term for crisis, combines the characters for “danger” and “opportunity,” an apt description of the challenge posed by COVID-19.

While most of the world struggles with pandemic containment and ‘re-opening,’ China, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market, is nearing return to pre-pandemic operations, and the country’s effective COVID management and revamped clinical trial infrastructure can offer Western companies a destination for resuming studies.

Seizing that opportunity now could create strategic opportunities to enhance competitiveness and create significant value in the long term.

Beyond crisis management

Forced by the pandemic to seek innovative pathways to keep development programs on track, Western biotech companies are beginning to appreciate the impact of China’s progressive policies on the potential of China to enhance the value of their assets.

This realization not only represents the road out of the current disruption caused by the pandemic, it also represents a path to

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