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Coronavirus crisis calls for competence, clarity and courage at the top

Commentary: FDA's missteps on COVID-19 made a bad situation worse. Strong leadership is urgently needed.

In times of crisis, societies need competence, clarity and courage from their leaders -- qualities that have been in short supply during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now more than ever, agencies like CDC and FDA need to be insulated from politics, and to be led by seasoned experts.

The agencies’ failures to act fast on COVID-19 testing damages their standing among a public that knows it has been put at risk.

Americans will be asking if political considerations, under-investment in science, and the White House’s deprioritization of pandemic response contributed to flaws in government-made tests and to delays in unleashing academic and commercial labs.

There can be no doubt that mass testing could have started in the U.S. a month ago and that it might have reduced community spread in the U.S.

The perception that these mistakes are at least partly the result of leaders putting politics ahead of public health could cause lasting damage far beyond the boundaries of

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