Lava: better safety for bispecifics with γδ T cell engagement

Lava expects its γδ T cell bispecifics will have same efficacy, better safety than CD3 bispecifics

Lava’s bispecific mAbs targeting γδ T cells could match the potency of other T cell engaging technologies while offering a larger therapeutic window.

The company joins a growing group of biotechs focused on γδ T cells as opposed to the more common αβ T cell population, and there’s a good reason for the γδ preference. According to Lava Therapeutics B.V. CEO Steve Hurly, “γδ T cells really are the bridge between the innate and the adaptive immune system.” These T cells are able to expand quickly and are just as cytotoxic as their αβ counterparts.

When activated, γδ T cells secrete pro-inflammatory cytokines that recruit other immune cells such as natural killer

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