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Navigating IP strategies in the world of digital therapeutics

Digital therapeutics makers are looking to the tech industry for IP strategies

For digital therapeutics, which straddle life sciences and tech, IP may be less important to creating value than the data they generate. As biopharma companies move into the world of digital therapeutics, they will need to adopt new IP strategies that balance the competing interests of both sectors.

Digital therapeutics, along with digital biomarkers and tools for disease management, represent both an opportunity and a source of new competition from the sphere of digital health that is fast becoming part of the landscape in the biopharma industry.

The fundamentally different nature of digital tools and products from conventional therapies introduces many new concepts that challenge traditional paradigms in drug development (see "Back to School 2019: Rules of the Road for Digital Health").

While the emerging class of digital therapeutics could be used alone or in combination with standard therapies, it shares little in common with them when it comes to IP protection.

IP attorneys specializing in digital therapeutics told BioCentury that while it’s early days, companies with digital therapeutics are starting to develop strategies

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