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Weizmann 10K Project aims for -omics sweet spot

Weizmann scientists are ratcheting up -omics, with 20-year study in 10K healthy people to find clues to disease

Using structured and unstructured learning, the Weizmann Institute’s Eran Segal wants to mine reams of data over 20 years from 10,000 people who start out healthy, to find the markers that signal disease.

His 10K project, a longitudinal multi-omics program, is designed to find human targets and biomarkers out of the reach of both large government programs and small academic studies.

The Project has been in the works for two years, and officially launched in April. It has already profiled “several thousand relatively healthy people” from Israel aged 40-70, using a battery of automated assays and machine learning algorithms, said Segal.

“This is an entirely new perspective on how to study disease,” he said. “The

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