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Frontier aims for previously unreachable ‘hot spot’ targets with $67M series A

VCs led by MPM, Deerfield and Droia believe Frontier can reach previously undruggable targets through chemoproteomics

June 25, 2019 1:01 PM UTC

With $67 million in series A funding, newly launched Frontier Medicines Corp. believes that by using its massive database of protein binding hot spots and applying machine learning to its library of covalent compounds, the chemoproteomics company can reach previously undruggable targets.

Founded in 2018 with an initial investment from MPM Capital, South San Francisco, Calif.-based Frontier has licensed technology from the University of California Berkeley, where two of its co-founders are professors. Daniel Nomura focuses on chemoproteomic approaches to druggability of targets, while Roberto Zoncu has studied cellular function and growth regulation in cancer...