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Tiny taxanes

How NanOlogy's particle production technology created submicron chemotherapy

April 6, 2018 9:02 PM UTC

NanOlogy LLC is using submicron particle production technology to rework chemotherapeutics into stable nano-sized particles and deliver them directly to disease sites. The technology could increase the efficacy and reduce the side effects associated with systemic administration.

Formed in 2015, NanOlogy pooled expertise from DFB Pharmaceuticals LLC, CritiTech Inc. and US Biotest Inc. and then licensed the exclusive rights for CritiTech’s Supercritical Precipitation Technology. The platform uses sonic energy and supercritical carbon dioxide to reduce taxane particles into submicron particles that remain stable in powder form and free-flowing in liquid without clumping together, eliminating the need for the toxic coating agents or carriers and solvents currently required for standard systemic delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs, and allowing for local delivery. ...