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Vaxart's VXA-A1.1 vaccine meets in Phase II influenza trial

February 16, 2018 5:32 PM UTC

In October, Vaxart Inc. (San Francisco, Calif.) reported top-line data from a Phase II trial in about 180 subjects showing that oral H1N1 influenza vaccine (VXA-A1.1) met the primary endpoint of reducing the occurrence of influenza vs. placebo and an undisclosed marketed injectable quadrivalent influenza vaccine. Specifically, VXA-A1.1 reduced the occurrence of clinical disease by 39% relative to placebo vs. a 27% reduction for the quadrivalent vaccine.

Patients in the double-blind, U.S. trial received the oral vaccine plus a placebo IM injection, the quadrivalent injection plus a placebo tablet, or a double placebo, and were challenged intranasally with homologous A strain influenza virus 90-120 days post-vaccination...

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