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L1000 method adds 1.3 million entries to cell perturbation database

January 18, 2018 10:25 PM UTC

Using a low-cost, high throughput transcriptomic method dubbed “L1000,” a Broad Institute team has increased the number of expression profiles in its Connectivity Map database by three orders of magnitude. Connectivity Map catalogs changes in expression patterns induced by a wide range of cellular perturbations and is used to probe on- and off-target effects of compounds, biological consequences of mutations and mechanisms of drug resistance.

The team first established the Connectivity Map in 2006, using microarrays to capture how 164 drugs affected gene expression in three human cell lines. In a November Cell paper, the group used its L1000 methodology to capture the effects of about 20,000 compounds and 20,000 genetic perturbations in nine human cell lines. The results added 1.3 million transcriptomic profiles to the database...