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Allogeneic expansion

How Adicet Bio is creating allogeneic therapies with its γδ T cell platform

January 18, 2018 6:39 PM UTC

Rather than taking the conventional approach of starting with autologous therapies, Adicet Bio Inc. is building an allogeneic pipeline from the get-go as part of the charge to make γδ T cells for solid and liquid cancers. The company thinks its ability to isolate and expand multiple subtypes of cell populations into disease-specific cell banks will allow it to create off-the-shelf therapies and avoid the cost and logistical hurdles posed by autologous cells.

The γδ T cell field has been gathering momentum the last few years, as the cells have intrinsic, non-specific targeting and tumor-killing properties lacking in the standard αβ type of T cell used. At least six companies have been formed or announced programs on γδ T cells in the last five years...