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Aldeyra reports Phase IIa data for dry eye candidate

September 14, 2017 11:34 PM UTC

Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:ALDX) reported data from a Phase IIa trial showing that ADX-102 ophthalmic solution significantly improved multiple signs and symptoms of dry eye disease compared to baseline. The trial enrolled 51 patients with dry eye disease to receive ADX-102 0.5% ophthalmic solution, ADX-102 0.1% ophthalmic solution or ADX-102 0.5% ophthalmic lipid solution for 28 days.

On secondary endpoints, pooled data from all 3 arms over the 28-day treatment period showed that compared to baseline ADX-102 significantly improved Symptom Assessment in Dry Eye (SANDE) score (p=0.003), Ocular Discomfort Score (p=0.00002), Overall 4-Symptom Score (p=0.0004), tear volume as measured by Schirmer's test (p=0.008), tear osmolarity (p=0.003) and Lissamine Green ocular surface staining score (p=0.002). Aldeyra also said that levels of malondialdehyde, a pro-inflammatory aldehyde mediator sequestered by ADX-102, were significantly reduced in the tears of patients compared to baseline (p=0.009). No serious adverse events were reported...

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