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Therapeutics: Transforming growth factor β 1 (TGFB1)

August 18, 2016 7:00 AM UTC

Cell culture and mouse studies suggest inhibiting TGFB1 could help treat metastatic breast cancer. In a human breast cancer cell line, a TGFB1 inhibitor tool compound decreased proliferation, invasion and markers of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) compared with vehicle. In a xenograft mouse model of metastatic breast cancer, the inhibitor decreased the number of lung metastases and increased CD8+ T cell recruitment to the primary tumor. Next steps could include testing TGFB1 inhibitors in mouse models of other metastatic cancers.

Eli Lilly and Co. has LY2382770, a neutralizing mAb against TGFB1, in Phase II testing to treat chronic renal disease and diabetic nephropathy. ...