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Non-profit reacquires rights to TB drug after price hike

September 23, 2015 1:29 AM UTC

The Chao Center, an independent affiliate of the Purdue Research Foundation (West Lafayette, Ind.), reacquired rights to Seromycin cycloserine, an antibiotic to treat tuberculosis, from Rodelis Therapeutics (Alpharetta, Ga.). The center said it sold the rights to Rodelis on Aug. 19 but requested that Rodelis return the rights after Rodelis raised the price of the drug to $360 per capsule from $16, a 20-fold increase it said was "not consistent with the Chao Center's expectations or vision."

The Chao Center is an independent non-profit affiliated with Purdue University. It is the sole U.S. manufacturer of cycloserine. ...