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Intarcia expands pipeline with Phoundry acquisition

September 25, 2015 12:10 AM UTC

Intarcia Therapeutics Inc. (Boston, Mass.) acquired Phoundry Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) for an undisclosed sum, just weeks after Phoundry announced its first seed funding. The deal gives Intarcia a portfolio of optimized peptides, which the company intends to use in combination with its ITCA 650 to develop once or twice-yearly therapies to treat diabetes and obesity.

Intarcia intends to begin clinical studies by 2017 of multiple combinations that include ITCA 650. Earlier this year, it said it would develop combinations with single chain antibody fragments via a collaboration with Numab AG (Waedensil, Switzerland). Intarcia said its pipeline now includes two ITCA 650 combinations with optimized peptides and one with an antibody fragment. ...