-Omics overdrive

G3 uses six kinds of -omics and more to find targets

Over the past five years, Global Genomics Group LLC (G3) has been steadily amassing and analyzing pan-omics data from 7,500 individuals for the identification and validation of biomarkers and therapeutic targets. Now, the company has validated its system in coronary artery disease, signed up Sanofi as its first pharma partner, and is on the hunt for more.

The deal was announced on Jan. 5, three days before G3 and its collaborator GNS Healthcare Inc. disclosed results from their GLOBAL clinical study, which was designed to identify biomarkers and targets associated with coronary artery disease (CAD).

The study included about equal numbers of patients and healthy volunteers, was conducted in 48 clinical centers across nine countries, and integrated data from whole-genome sequencing, DNA methylation, RNA sequencing, proteomics, metabolics and lipidomics, as well as a variety of clinical measurements. In addition to G3 and GNS, the study involved four other companies with which G3 has partnered since 2013 to perform and analyze the experiments. (See Table: -Omics R Us)

"This clearly is the largest and most comprehensive pan-omics data set that has been collected in any disease state," said G3 CEO and founder Szilard Voros.

Thus far, the partners have analyzed a subset of the data. But the results have already

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