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Cellegy's cross-over skin treatment

September 7, 1993 7:00 AM UTC

In the old model, an insult to the skin passed through the outer dead layer of cells and elicited a response in the dermis, which then was reflected on the surface. In fact, many skin diseases were seen as blood-borne, coming from the inside out.

In the Phase II study, Glylorin was tested in a six-week trial of 15 CIE patients using a cream formulation at 10, 12.5 and 15 percent concentrations, with best results from the highest concentration. Each patient served as their own control. The absolute improvement in scaling for the 15 percent formulation was 50 percent versus a 26 percent improvement for the vehicle (p=0.01). The absolute improvement in thickening was 37 percent for the drug versus 14 percent in the control (p=0.005). ...